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How to apply rub on transfers

Rub on transfers are one of the best ways to give your furniture that wow factor and the best thing is they are super quick & easy to apply. Whats even better is they also adhere to glass to easily transform mirrors or glass top tables as well.

All you need is your transfer, applicator tool that comes with your transfer a good painters tape and waterbased top coat sealer or wax.

For best results on painted furniture apply a thin coat of water based sealer and allow to dry before applying transfer.

Wipe down the area you are applying transfer to ensure its clean & free from dust. Remove transfer from tube and gently remove white backing paper. You can cut up the transfer if you are using small sections on small areas as shown in pic below. Gently place transfer where you would like it and tape in place.

Using the supplied applicator (you could also use an old credit card) rub on the transfer using firm even pressure. I recommend working in small sections to start with until your comfortable with using the applicator.

As you rub you'll see the plastic film coming away from the image. Slowly peel of the film, if part of the image hasnt transfered lay film back down and rub that section again.

Once design is applied and film is removed wipe gently with a soft cloth then either seal with waterbased clear coat or wax for extra protection. Now sit back and enjoy your new revamped furniture.

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